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OOH peOple mOves

Youngblood, Kelshaw, Greiner

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Dave Kelshaw

OOH mOves

As the Outdoor Industry moves, we’ll keep you updated. We aren’t too keen on gossip and rumors.
Fun and interesting as it could be, we never want to torpedo a deal or damage anyone’s career publishing something false or too early, even if its true. If we do not have multiple confirmations, from trusted, reliable sources, we will not share.

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Three confirmations in hand, here are the latest #OOH related personnel and company changes.

peOple mOves

—mOving Up—
Adriane Youngblood, CCO

Adriane Youngblood, PROMOTED, Vice President of Sales,  by Clear Channel OutdoorPhoenix, Arizona

VP Client Solutions, Clear Channel Outdoor, Houston, TX


Senior Account Executive Sales
May 2005 – Aug 2018. Houston, Texas

Account Executive, Clear Channel Radio, 2+ years
Bachelors of Arts -2 degrees  -Texas A&M University, Marketing  and University of Houston, Advertising


Adriane’s new Phoenix team extended a warm Out of Home welcome for her with the Digital below.

—mOving In—
Dave Kelshaw, Starlite

Dave Kelshaw, HIRED,  by Starlite Media, NYC


International Delivery Director at Posterscope US, 2+years, NYC

Liveposter, London 3 years
CBS Outdoor, London, 5 years

Background—Kelshaw’s career has been a range of experience across technical, operational, and creative environments within the digital out of home.  Kershaw’s recent move to Starlite fuels rumors of the new direction Starlite may be taking in replacing their static faces with digital.



—mOving In—
Howard Greiner, Adams

Howard Greiner, HIRED, Chief Strategy Officer, by Adams Outdoor Advertising

President at Buntin Out-Of -Home. 18+years


US Outdoor, President/CEO,  2+ years
Whiteco Outdoor, VP National Sales, 5+ years





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