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No More Mr. Nice Guy

KFC has taken off the gloves and sharpened the ol' Chicken Claws

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No More Mr. Nice Guy
KFC has taken off the gloves and sharpened the ol’ Chicken Claws


Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) is promoting its fried chicken sandwich targeting competitive fast food burger restaurants via direct Outdoor messaging and proximity.  The premise of the OOH campaign is simple: Why would someone choose a burger chain, for a chicken sandwich? You saw it in our OOH Best Creative Last Week Today post here ⇒ Link to OOH Best Creative

This is OOH targeting in one of its finest executions.

Don’t stop with KFC, Fast Food or Restaurants

There is absolutely no reason why nearly any brand or business with competitors and everyone has a competitor, should not be doing a similar Outdoor creative execution. I am suggesting local mom and pop retailers, food related is easy, but do not limit yourself, take this example to all your prospective clients. OK, a few are out of bounds like funeral homes.

Have your speculative ‘charged direct challenge’ creative made, mapping, photo sheets with spec creative in place showing the competitors location in the picture. If you have to, go out and take a new photo which fits the story. Forget some of the rules of a good photograph and take the angle where your OOH space and the prospective competitor’s store location is front and center. 

This type of direct hit, nailing the message, standing out, strategically placing billboards and creating conversation, gives rise to an opportunity to unsettle the the marketplace with larger than life impact aiming at competitors. Then pump up the social media.


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No more Mr. Nice Guy

Hey, it’s tough times out there. Your prospects have lived through it for over a year. Give them solutions. Take this competitive initiative to them. At worst, they’ll laugh and love the effort by KFC. At best, you’ve opened a new door for dialogue, consideration for Outdoor Advertising and a buy. 

Complete the creative requests. Check the avails. Map out the targeting. Focus on the opportunity.

Oh, and if the first guy or gal doesn’t go for it or needs time to think about it, change the art, the names and take it to her competitor. 



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