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Is It There?

10,000+ physical screens in 10,000+ locations

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Is it there?



by Brent Baer, Publisher for OOH Today



Before I bought a billboard plant (as a limited partner, 7 OOH plants with Martin Media and 2 with Adams Outdoor) or moved into a new market to manage, the very first thing I did, was drive to each and every location to: 1. Verify its existence.  2. Observe where each face was located in terms of its surroundings.
3. Distinguish opportunities to prepare sales pitches. 4. Note its quality and physical presence. The crux was, to make sure the ‘structures’ were there and operating as it said it was.

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We asked Adam Malone, President at Screenverse Media, about his new inventory partnership with Touchsource. For starters he verified there were 10,000+ physical screens in 10,000+ locations. Taking the conversation further, here is what Adam had to say about the inventory. 

“We have visited every building/screen (and taken pictures) in Dallas and Houston to start, as we have 2 employees in the Dallas area and Texas has the most employees “back to work” of any major market.  We have also done Denver, DC and Chicago sampling to check for quality and placement and to create our sales collateral.”

The network is very strong in the states of CA and FL, but we haven’t put eyes on any of the inventory there yet.  Given that this network was built for building owners to power building directories, the screens are in prominent lobby and atrium placements, and our site visits have born that out.” 

Impressive and necessary due diligence by Adam Malone and Screenverse crew. We have every confidence in Screenverse’s newest additions. Well done!


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