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Kym Frank’s New Shoes Wear Well for OOH Research

OOH Diamond Gains Seat on MRC Executive Committee

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Kym Frank Elected to MRC Exec Council

A great thing happened to the Outdoor Advertising Industry and Kym Frank at a lunch last week Friday. Frank was elected the Secretary/Treasurer of the Market Research Council (MRC) Executive Council.  

The MRC has been around a long time. It was chartered in 1927.  It might even be said, its members are a bunch of nerds – very successful ones.

It is not the MRC you’re familiar with.  It’s a professional association for Market Researchers.  You have to be voted into membership based on career accomplishments, publications etc.  You can not buy your way in to become a board member.  The members are the “who’s who” of media research include heads of research for all of the major TV networks, Nielsen, comScore, big brands, the ARF, CIMM, legends.

The role is typically a 4 year commitment where one is treasurer in year 1, then next steps are VP in year 2, President in year 3 and then pres emeritus. From our calculations, Kym Frank may be the youngest person who has ever held the position.

Here’s the thing, Out of Home’s Geopath President, is respected as a distinguished and proven media research leader outside our Industry. For those of you in OOH who know her, understand Kym Frank has earned those stripes within the media research community and in Outdoor. A few more OOH types need to stop dragging feet and get with the program by supporting Kym Frank and Geopath’s initiatives, NOW.

Great things for Kym Frank and selfishly, great things for Outdoor Advertising, as one of our best ambassadors and important leaders for the OOH Industry, tirelessly maintains valued relationships which in the long run, help us tremendously.

Kym Frank comments, “I can not articulate how honored I am to take a seat on the ) Executive Committee, surrounded by people I’ve admired for my entire career. Following in the footsteps of Josh Chasin such big shoes! I can’t even believe it.” 

Kym Frank, more than Geopath President. Respected by media research peers and recognized by the Market Research Council for her expertise.  We are very fortunate to have her leading us in OOH.

Please join us in congratulating her at Kym@geopath.org




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  1. Patsy says

    Congratulations Kym!

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