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McDonald’s Open Late Night Sculptures

Would it Work as a Digital Billboard?

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McDonald’s Light Sculptures

McDonald’s had French sculptor, Olivier Favart, create intricate light art like installations resembling three menu items—Big Mac, french fries and sundae.  Then, Helmut Stelzenberger photographed them with a bokeh effect, which blurs the out-of-focus points of light. This gives the effect of nighttime, reinforcing the message of the ads, which is that McDonald’s is “Open Late.”

Could it work as a digital billboard?
Is it possible to create the same light effect and creative design in Digital OOH?
Digital Sign and OOH Art experts, what is you opinion?
Jock Gibb-Fometco    EddyHerty  Rob Richards    Melody Roberts

Could some of the ‘loveliest ads’, become one of the ‘Loveliest Larger than Life  Ads’?  Has there been any Digital OOH used to date as an artistic creative display?  We don’t mean showing a picture of art, but using the digital billboard as the medium to create?

Or is that what happens daily?

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