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Mapping COVID-19’s Effects on OOH Exposure

Word from Team Billups

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Publisher’s note:
Here is a look at a promotional piece Billups’ shared with us and includes an OOH Exposure Map and their take on the effects of COVID-19 on OOH exposure. 


Taking on Tomorrow Together: 
Mapping COVID-19’s Effects on OOH Exposure

Last week, Billups released our OOH Exposure Map to the public. This map offers free access to exposure data by US market for individual out-of-home units. It’s a unique opportunity for advertisers looking to buy out-of-home advertising, giving weekly insights into how audience movements have changed recently and which units are best suited to reach them. Here are some key takeaways:

  • Overall, many cities are on the rebound with driving and walking traffic on the mend, as people slowly begin to move out of their homes. 
  • As stay at home orders lift and warmer weather approaches, people are becoming more active. 
  • Driving and walking traffic has experienced strong increases, while mass transit continues its flatline across major US cities.
  • After seeing traffic bottoming out in early April, by the beginning of May in NYC driving traffic had increased by 43% and walking by 25%.

Ready to get started? Use Our OOH Exposure Map ⟶

Team Billups
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