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LIVE From Atlanta! It’s the Last (Pearson) Peach

There is only one Pearson peach

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Peaches billboard

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Pearson Farm, in conjunction with agency FerebeeLane, is utilizing OOH inventory in Atlanta to address the current peach shortage across Georgia.

The campaign – running from May 22 to July 2 – is centered around using a countdown to this year’s very last (‘only one’) peach in order to set up the premise that there is only one Pearson peach.

As part of the campaign, Pearson Farm and FerebeeLane bought digital billboards on the busy commuter-filled streets of Atlanta. The first frame features a barometer showing where the peach count presently stands. The second frame features a message and call to action to order peaches on pearsonfarm.com.

Throughout the season, they are adjusting their messaging to show fewer and fewer peaches on the screen, until there’s ultimately only 1 peach left.only one Pearson Peach billboard

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