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Key Agency & Client Side Insights Strictly for OOH

Specific Accounts and Contacts via Cohoot Channel and OOH Today

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Welcome to the first ‘OOH in Cohoot’ weekly email. Here is wrap up of the previous week’s highlights from the OOH industry and more specifically highlights from Cohoot’s OOH channel.


Key Agency & Client Side Insights

Client side contact at Rock Auto – VP of Marketing.

One kind Cohoot member shared an updated PJX org chart. Any help with Horizon and Posterscope?

OMD/OMG is handling Frito Lay’s DOOH buys, if you didn’t already know. 🙂

Catherine Aranda is the key OOH buyer at Camelot in Dallas

Jill Schnitt & Greg Pinkus replacements at Posterscope.

Aita is your OOH contact for Heineken

Media Hub/Mullen Lowe are some of the top agencies purchasing OOH in Charlotte.

Contact for Head of Partnership at Pluto TV.

Some insight on the Boston area agencies with the majority of buying.



There is movement on Uber’s RFP via Mediacom.

Recent activity on RFPs out of Horizon.

Sales Strategy

Is static dead? How do you respond when you get that question?

How can we get auto dealerships to move dollars back to OOH?

Back to School big spenders?

Ideas on how to sell against radio.

Word on the street is that wireless charging stations are quickly becoming saturated.

Can you help out with these questions?

Does Johnson & Johnson do any OOH?

SF, PDX and SEA agencies Billups and MacDonald Media are currently working with?

Have any contacts (decision makers or gatekeepers) at American Honda Motor?

How do you get going with sport related brands and experiential events?

Who is handling Empire City Casinos In Yonkers?

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