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Does Today’s OOH Industry Have Enough: Ambition? Altitude? Innovation? Disruption? ‘The Nick Brien Podcast’

OOH Today’s Unfiltered Podcast #6 —Join the Discourse with Frank, Hansen, Sullivan, and Wolfe

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photo of podcast participants
Screen shot of the Board Room’s Directors/Panel. Photo top to bottom – left to right-Baer, Frank, Hansen, Wolfe and Sullivan

The Nick Brien Podcast
Does Today’s OOH Industry Still Have ‘Innovative DNA’?


The Board Room —OOH Today’s Unscripted and Unfiltered Podcast #6

Our OOH Experts. Board Members:  Jack Sullivan, Bob Wolfe,  Todd Hansen and Kym Frank.

This podCAST is a review of comments from the presentation given at the 2019 OOH Conference by keynote speaker, Nick Brien. Nick Brien is the CEO of Dentsu Aegis Network Americas.

The Issues:
Issue #1
Is OOH”s Ambition Too Small? How Do We Raise it?

Issue #2
Does the OOH Industry Lack Innovation in Marketing? (themselves)

Issue #3
What OOH Owners are Disrupting or are Attempting to Disrupt the Industry with its Marketing?

Exit Question:
The State of NY moved to legislate against and prohibit Digital Billboard Boats. 
Should this be a concern for the rest of the Industry?

We encourage you to share your opinions, comments and experiences on the issues and answers presented in today’s podcast. Please submit questions for our panel to BillBoard@OOHToday.com

—Join the Discourse with Frank, Hansen, Sullivan, and Wolfe
Click on Podcast #6 below. Click the orange circle/white arrow below to listen.


Board Room Directors:
Bob Wolfe, Owner, Outselling, Inc
Jack Sullivan, OOH Media Professional and Adviser
Todd Hansen, General Manager, Sun Outdoor
Kym Frank, President, Geopath
Brent Baer, Moderator, Publisher, OOH Today

‘The Board Room’ is outdoor advertising’s unfiltered/unscripted podcast which offers deeper insights on the Out of Home Advertising Industry. A panel of OOH professionals discuss all, in the OOH space… creative, leadership, measurement, sales, technology and the journey.

About our pod ‘CAST’ —Our format welcomes a panel of four OOH professionals who are experts in all that is Outdoor Advertising. The diverse group represents billboard owners, advertising agencies, and associations, who deliver a lively discussion of current OOH issues.  Listen to the issues of the day affecting the Outdoor Advertising Industry as we examine media owners, creative, ad sales, ad-tech and media executives, offering thought leadership and valuable takeaways. Our audience is comprised of Outdoor Advertising related professionals including Owners, Vendors, Advertising Agencies and Brands who desire to learn more through frank and intimate non scripted conversations on Out of Home.  Learn more at http://www.OOHToday.com

To view the Nick Brien Keynote presentation delivered at the 2019 OOH Conference
click here ⇒Nick Brien’s presentation.
 Video provided by the OAAA.

Music written and performed by Dr. Jeffrey T. Barth




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  1. Andrea Messimer says

    I’m in the trenches everyday as an advocate of this industry, I can tell you with confidence – 4% growth is based on renewals of the “same customers” YoY & conversions. “New Customer’s will yield “Organic growth”. You are seeking answers inside the OOH industry. When we are surrounded by digital agencies with enormous budgets, who want to “buy” our medium, not be sold to.
    Today, technology has made it possible to overcome all of those challenges and open the door to our digital friends & neighbors with open arms. “Customer Customization” is the answer. Not “one size fits all”. And I will put my money where my mouth is, I’m not just talking about it, I’m executing it. 😘

  2. Bill Board says

    Thank you Andrea Messimer. We know you are living it daily. Keep up the good work.

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