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This Is a First for Mobile Billboards- Digital Poster-Size Faces on Elevating Monopoles

Large Digital Face -Elevates- Rotates -All on a Mobile Truck

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by Frank Yon
Managing Partner
NMB Media

Nearly twenty years ago, digital billboards

started making their way onto the OOH advertising scene.  There’s been a huge uptick in technology in those years and placements now cover much of the major markets.  At the same time, mobile billboard firms across the country have popped up with their own versions of digital billboards.  The majority of the these are utilizing small box trucks and either bolting them on or embedding them into the sides of the cargo boxes.  Neither is a satisfactory solution as the smaller, non standard sizes fail to offer the full size poster aspect. Place-based digital boards and small, mobile digital boards have their place in advertising budgets, but both have their weaknesses.

OAAA Member NMB Media, however, has recently developed a system which is the best of both worlds.  They have created poster-sized digital billboards, truck mounted on monopoles.  These poles elevate the signs, when parked, up to 18 feet in the air. They also rotate 360 degrees allowing the advertiser to reach any consumer target in the area.  The impact of a static digital board combined with the mobility to reach previously un-served locations is unprecedented.

Advertisers can consider the impact on reach and frequency whe­­­­n their advertisement can truly pinpoint a target audience.  Although Mobile Billboards have been doing this for years, the ability to extend a digital message upward and move it throughout the advertising market greatly increases impression counts. Digital Mobile Billboards can reach places where real-estate is limited for the build out of static placed billboards.

This is where mobile digital platforms really come into play. They can create effective campaigns, targeting areas where standard OOH formats are limited or nonexistent.  Greater reach is created when there is only one effective advertiser in a populated area.

Here is an example to consider – the shaded areas are heavily populated but have no exposure to static place-based billboards. Now think how effective this new media opportunity is.

NMB Media has created a unique and extraordinary media opportunity for advertisers to target
the masses.

A quick word on safety. Even though NMB can run full motion creative they are a responsible
company and never run these types of advertisements while the units are on the roadways.
They know that running such video while driving on the roadway can cause an increased
opportunity for accidents, not to mention violating DOT laws. A point to keep in mind, we think.

All in all, NMB have created an innovative solution to place full size digital posters directly at the
consumer doorstep.

Frank Yon
NMB Media
954.777.9998 (p)
954.829.7286 (c)
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309





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    I love this. So ingenious!

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