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Here is an Opportunity to Hear the Brightest Agency Planners/Buyers in OOH

How Outdoor Advertising Planners/Buyers —BUY!

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National Advertisers and National Buys in #OOH is something we all have questions about.
We obviously want more.  For starters, familiarizing ourselves with who buys, why they buy and how they plan and buy, is important to securing business and making a sale.

Geopath assembled Horizon, Rapport, MacDonald Media and OOH Pitch (click on Agency names for their websites) to share the planning/buying process via a webinar yesterday afternoon.  These agencies are responsible for significant number of OOH dollars, actually together its 100’s of millions of dollars.

Geopath managed to secure four of the brightest Agency Planners/Buyers in #OOH to address the process. They are Katie Portman, Piper Wirth, Emily Scopinich and Brian Rappaport.  Since most of you reading this are not likely to be in NY or LA any time soon to meet with them, this opportunity is an excellent one.  The valuable time the panelist devoted to preparing and participating is significant. In addition to learning, we can show our appreciation and encourage further panel conversations like this between buyer and seller by watching the Youtube Geopath webinar.

Its time well spent investing in yourself and the future of the Outdoor.

On a personal note, I am fortunate to know the four panelists, working with and receiving buys from them over the years.  Katie, Piper, Emily and Brian know #OutofHome. (click on their names for their LinkedIn profiles).  The four are consummate authorities for their respective OOH Agency Buying Services, living in the center of Outdoor Advertising for their clients daily.

While they represent national accounts, understand that many of their points of view represent planning and buying which reaches across all OOH media processes including regional and local plan/buys.  If your sales manager has not scheduled an hour for your team to sit together and review the video, speak with her or him and encourage them too. If they don’t, tonight grab your favorite beverage, click on link, sit back and invest the time in yourself. Share with your peers and associates afterwards.

Hit this webinar because it’s that good and it will create demand for more.

Watch the YouTube webinar hosted by Geopath.  Click on this link ⇒ OOH Office Hours – How Planners Plan and Buyers Buy

Thank you Panelists and Geopath.





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  1. Jean-Paul Gedeon says

    thank you!
    Just started working with them.

  2. Bill Board says

    We trust this helped. thank you Jean-Paul for your readership and valuable comments.

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