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It’s Dallimore’s Digital and Dirt

Project X —The Laramie Files

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Publisher’s Note:
We are a big fan of Lamar’s Ian Dallimore (who isn’t?) / VP of Digital Growth  & GM Programmatic. Ian serves up a solid Podcast called ‘Digital and Dirt’. We found this latest airing ‘Challenging Industry Growth & Value with John Laramie’, as particularly strong with one of OOH’s finest, John Laramie (outgoing) CEO of Project X.  See OOH Today’s recent announcement Rick Robinson Named CEO as the newly appointed Project X CEO, Rick Robinson. Hear Dallimore’s podcast here⇒ Digital and Dirt Podcast | Lamar Advertising or additional podcast platforms listed below.

Intro and summary from ‘Digital and Dirt’ post are below. Thank you Ian and Lamar for the opportunity to share your podcast with OOH Today’s readers.

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Challenging Industry Growth & Value with John F. Laramie
Digital & Dirt Podcast

This week’s Lamar’s podcast in Season 3 of Digital and Dirt is John Laramie, CEO of Project X.  

LISTEN NOW: Challenging Industry Growth & Value with John Laramie

You can listen now on any of these podcast platforms:
Apple Podcast

Show Notes:
In episode 12 of this season’s Digital and Dirt podcast, Ian welcomes John Laramie, CEO of Project X, to discuss how his company has helped to advance the use of technology in the Out of Home (OOH) industry. To learn more about this episode and see behind-the-scenes photos check out Lamar’s blog linked here  – programmatic.lamar.com

00:15 – 2:24 Meet John
2:25 – 5:27 Ping-Pong Pro
5:27 – 8:33 Career Start
8:33 – 23:21 Beginning ADstruc
23:21 – 36:03 Pivot to Project X
36:03 – 45:09 Brands’ Relationship with OOH
45:09 – 50:10 Valuing the Medium


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