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If the Billboard is the Father of OOH, Is Experiential the Mother?

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How OOH OWNERS can share in the rocketing growth of Experiential Marketingcracker jack

Experiential Marketing, loosely described as messaging you can view, feel, or touch in a physical space, may be the next big thing in OOH.  OOH Today says, there’s too many dollars in Experiential Marketing too ignore the category, particularly if you are a traditional OOH company.  If you’re an OOH Owner, you’re missing revenue opportunities by not offering Experiential Marketing as an option.  Be the Experiential provider.  Its not that difficult. Start your own Experiential Division.

Read the article from adweek on immersive experience

Recall this quote from the article? “In five years when we speak about this topic, everyone will be doing it.” 

OOHT says, Why not you?  Why not, now?  We are going to share why Experiential Marketing is a natural step for your company to start today.

Concerned about the dollars for Experiential moving away from your traditional OOH?  Yes, could be some cannibalization.  It’s already happening.  Be part of the solution.  Typically, Experiential is another budget bucket. “Two or three years ago, clients saw it as an incremental spend,” “Now they’re moving dollars previously slated for media or broadcast into Experiential.”  Wouldn’t it be wise if you were in that decision making and consideration set with the client, as an active partner?

Agencies want in.  Brands want in.  OOH Owners should get in.

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As a traditional OOH Owner, you’re in a strategically advantageous position to provide Experiential opportunities directly to existing clients.

Everything you need to start providing Experiential Marketing is already part of your current business today.

Recall the article;  with Experiential, “We can not only go out with a brand’s message and promise, but give consumers a chance to try it.”

Brand’s message.  Who knows Branding better than OOH?  Branding is a cornerstone to Out of Home fundamentals.  Who knows your client better than you?  Who knows the local market better than you?  You have earned the community’s trust as a solid corporate citizen.  Your existing assets and business expertise is already well established. With no barriers to entry, seize the opportunity!

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What do you need to start and run your own Experiential Division?

  1. Sales staff– check
  2. Market knowledge– who knows your city better than you?- check
  3. Physical facilities and staff – design, construct, storage and building space-that would be your shop and crew-check
  4. Permit team to clear any considerations with zoning, legal, property rights, etc- Your existing lease staff- check
  5. Powerful Ideas /Creative– check
  6. Hiring street teams, ambassadors, temp/contract employees- HR, Managers- check
  7. Hire a dedicated person to oversee the Experiential Division. 

It is not going to be easy.  Creating engaging and memorable experiences for consumers requires deep insight and consumer centric thinking.  The key component to producing a successful experiential plan is meticulous attention to detail.  Map and understand every possible step and identify potential missteps which must be taken to execute the plan. The minutia matters.  Break it down in a spread sheet with dates, times, duration, sequential steps, alternate strategies, what if scenarios. Plan. Plan. Plan.  Fully advise your customer of every possible fail as well as the successes. Make sure they understand and buy into it.

Not convinced?  Then contact one of the Experiential Marketing Companies from a list we have assembled.  Send an email to BillBoard@OOHToday for The Experiential List.  We will send it to you.

Agencies Everywhere See Experiential Marketing as the Next Big Thing, and Brands Want In

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