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What is the Most Important Element to Successful Outdoor Advertising?

Make OOH Creative Great Again

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Creative is the most important single element to successful Outdoor Advertising. It’s Not Data. Not Location. Not Size of Buy. Not a Specific OOH Media.

Last week, I rejected artwork/creative submitted for printing from the agency/client.
27 words. Red copy on blue background. Font thin cursive, to literally die over, it was that bad.  A stick drawing, by the owner’s 14 year old (not gifted) son. Phone number, street address and web address. God help us!

I would share a picture but then the client would be ‘unhappy’. Recalling statistics I read over 30 years ago, 90% of what the brain recalls is visualThe brain comprehends visual 3 times faster than spoken. I learned then, to just say ‘No’ to bad art.

90% of what the brain recalls is visual

Visual impact is the power of OOH and its worth thousands of words, even if there are only 6 or less.

The creative push-back to the client was not a full on rejection, it was a number of firm, persistent suggestions. There have been times I have flat-out told the client, we would cancel their contract than run their creative. Talking about a high stakes poker game.

billboard image

This is not a primer on designing a great billboard. There are dozens of OOH experts and non-experts, who have written about what it takes to design great OOH.  

We are talking about the fundamental question of doing the ‘right thing’ as a representative of the Outdoor Advertising Industry when it comes to creative execution.  Returning poor creative to the client/agency with change recommendations is vital for the success of the Campaign, whether 1, 100 or 1000 faces.

Take Creative Ownership. You are the expert.

Who is responsible for reviewing artwork in your office/company? Everyone.
The planner. The print production person. The charting supervisor. Everyone is responsible.

As the  Account Executive, take ownership.  Return to someone’s supervisor if necessary, for relief.

Bad creative will torment you and the public. It’s not a 30 second, oops I missed the commercial. You’re placing an unavoidable image on the street, soon to be viewed by thousands, an average frequency of 7 times for 28 long days.  The agony will be unbearable.  Or, sheer delight if its great!

How far does one go to screening and returning ‘bad’ creative?  Do what ever it takes. Be insistent until its great.

Does your in-house artist provide the changes for Client convenience and savings even if its their art?  Yes.  Even if your cost conscious GM, short-term motivated and under tremendous pressure to meet monthly revenues, questions your commitment by chastising your communication skills or quips any number of other dubious critical comments, to just get it done.  Do you cancel the business if art is still poor?  The tough love answer is, yes.

Rules for Great OOH creative are everywhere.
If you would like our Rules for Great OOH Creative, send us a note. In the subject line,  ‘Rules for Great OOH.  We’ll send you a copy.  This offer is only for subscribers to OOH Today.  http://www.OOHToday.com

If you would like our Rules for Great OOH Creative, send us a note.

Whether you have been in the business 2 years or 20, you have an opportunity to yell out to the world, with all of the city to see, in larger than life, 24, 288 or 672 square feet, in your face, advertising to influence with IMPACT.

Back, to the Client story. The Client signed off on the revised art. The revisions were bumpy. It’s a better design.  We are on schedule for IMPACT!

Be a Champion of OOH.

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