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Marriott Uses New Outdoor Advertising Technology

OOH as Optical Illusion

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Around Christmas last year, Marriott ran a unique Outdoor advertising execution which is dubbed the world’s first campaign using Echo, a projection technology from UK start-up Lightvert.

The OOH creates the optical illusion of images projected into the night sky.  A static photo is above.  A YouTube Video follows below.  You have to view it.

The take away by OOH Today, it is a location and barrier free enterprise opportunity for a new OOH provider/operator. It is projection technology like nothing I have seen before.  It would be interesting to hear Paul Whitney and bluemedia’s reaction to the technology.

The technology uses a projector to “print” a series of vertical lines of light on the eye of an observer that appears to become a complete image, thanks to the “persistence of vision” effect.

The campaign was planned by Marriott agency Kinetic in association with Marriott’s media agency Wavemaker. Kinetic has a partnership with Lightvert, along with other start-ups, as part of technology incubator, KineticX.

Read more at ⇒Marriott’s Echo Outdoor Advertising Technology. 

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