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How Marketers Can Capitalize on DOOH as its Star Continues to Rise

ways DOOH campaigns can help marketers reach their advertising goals.

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How Marketers Can Capitalize on DOOH as its Star Continues to Rise



By Roey Franco, VP, Innovation, Xaxis

As cities continue to re-open and out-of-home activity is on the rise throughout the nation, digital-out-of-home (DOOH) advertising is just as important now as ever. For marketers who have spent the last few months focusing on other media or sitting on the sidelines all together, it’s time to put omnichannel campaigns back into practice and engage consumers across the digital and physical worlds that comprise their holistic journey.


Sure, many consumers are still adjusting to the current environment. But what marketers shouldn’t do is limit their potential to drive real business outcomes to connections made in the digital world. Instead, brands should use DOOH to capitalize on the agility and relevancy benefits the medium can afford.

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Here are some ways DOOH campaigns can help marketers reach their advertising goals.

Capture High Intent Audiences Where It Matters Most

Out-of-home advertising (OOH) gives marketers the chance to reach customers just before they go into a venue to make a purchase. Now consumer trips are more purposeful than ever — they have a specific agenda in mind as they exit their homes for activities — such as grocery shopping, dining and grooming— it’s an opportune moment to reach them. Brands can make a meaningful connection with the consumer right before they make their purchasing decisions.

We have also witnessed a huge shift in the way consumers travel. ‘Nearcations’ and road trips are on the rise, people are choosing to move about via cars, meaning highway signage may be especially effective in the coming months. Another thing to keep in mind is the glaring popularity of outdoor venues like restaurants and parking lots, where food is being served outdoors and performances are being held and movies are shown to audiences in their cars. And more opportunities continue to surface as adjustments to accommodate outdoor activities are made.

Adapt Messaging For A Fast-Changing News Cycle

As illustrated in the various advertisements that can be seen across any channel today, brands are working hard to gain consumer trust and “be there” for consumers during their time of need. Through DOOH, brands have an opportunity to combine the high-impact of OOH with the sensibility of programmatic.

Unlike OOH campaigns of old, marketers now have the power to change distribution and creative at the drop of a hat. For example, marketers can ensure their message resonates with audiences by changing messaging to match the current news cycle. Through dynamic creative optimization (DCO), marketers can change creative messaging in as little as 24-72 hours, leveraging data from anonymized audiences in the vicinity to ensure language is empathetic and on point. 

Further, marketers have the capacity to quickly change where their ads are run, enabling them to keep up with local regulations and ordinances as they change. In other words, as shopping malls begin to open back up, marketers have the ability to get their ads in front of audiences almost instantaneously, getting in front of audiences that may be hyper aware of their surroundings as they head to these locations for the first time in months.

It’s important to remember that consumers are still living in a physical world, though purchasing in many cases has shifted to digital. Marketers should not be afraid to invest in DOOH. If done right, brands can transform their digital media spend into real business outcomes that impact organizational success.  

Xaxis is The Outcome Media Company. We combine unique brand-safe media access, unrivalled programmatic expertise, and 360-degree data with proprietary artificial intelligence to help global brands achieve the outcomes they value from their digital media investments. Xaxis offers managed programmatic services in 47 markets, including North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, the Middle East, and Africa.


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