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Amazon Studios from Downtown Rooftops


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Amazon Studios Amplifies Black Voices from Downtown Rooftops

The sign says it all. At its core, isn’t that what OOH advertising is all about?


Amazon Studios and Amazon Prime Video have teamed up with FlyBy Ads on a rooftop sign campaign in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles. The message is clear: our media outlets are here to Amplify Black Voices, the voices and stories of inequality that have fallen on deaf ears for far too long.

The frustration from the BIPOC community has led to nationwide protests for justice and change, and media content creators and streaming services such as Amazon Studios and Amazon Prime Video have jumped in to show their support by amplifying and empowering the voice of the movement through their platforms. Other services such as Netflix, Twitter, and YouTube have promoted similar sentiments to further the Black Lives Matter message.

With all that is transpiring around us–the Covid-19 pandemic, high unemployment rates, police brutality, political divisiveness, wildfires out west, hurricanes in the south, just to name a few–there are no shortage of reasons to suspect impending doom. But we, as the stewards of a medium wielding as much power as Out of Home, can and must do our part to share messages of hope, support, and solidarity with our communities.

Unequivocally, Black Lives Matter.

There is still much work to be done, but we must start by listening, reflecting, and acknowledging the issue.

Thank you to Amazon Studios and Amazon Prime Video for your collaboration, and to Circle Graphics for being wonderful teammates, as always.


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