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Twitter Taps Tweets to Create Award Worthy OOH Campaign

You'll want to check this campaign out —it is that good!

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Twitter Taps Tweets to Create Award Worthy OOH Campaign


Twitter tapped tweets from users, encouraging the wearing of face masks and turned them into an Out of Home campaign. Clever creative and smart strategic targeted #OOH placement.

We like to make our call for the best of OOH, Obie worthy campaign, much too early. But this is a big winner worthy of an Obie and perhaps a proverbial OOH awards sweep to include the best OOH Media Plan Award Winner.

We are not sure who placed this business but it is well planned and checks all the boxes for an ‘efficient and effective out of home media plan that maximizes synergies between media and creative strategies’. 

Their were a variety of clever messages shared with geographically based copy targeting each locally. Markets included Miami, Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles, NYC’s Times Square, Chicago’s Millennium Park, Seattle, Asbury and Jersey City in New Jersey. 

Examples read, “Mask up New Jersey, be a hero,” “Think of the mask as a bikini for the face,” “People who wear a mask are considered more attractive. Check out the photos and a video below. 

wall projection


“As always, the people on Twitter say it best,” said Twitter CMO Leslie Berland. “Masks are a huge conversation around the world and we’re happy to help cities tackle mask caution-fatigue with Tweets that will make people smile and hopefully mask-up!”

Posting last weekend, the formats include wall projections, wallscapes, painted walls, powerwashed sidewalks ads or reverse graffiti, digital billboards and the most clever messages on billboards on boats floating Miami Beach with the classic, ‘So…is “hey nice mask” the new pick up line?’ 

Ballyhoo Media 
Trikini – matching face mask to bikini
“People who wear a mask are considered more attractive,” Venice Beach



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