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Hospital Cellphone Charging Stations Offer Advertising Opportunities

Inventory Listed on Programmatic Platforms

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Innovare is a national media company working with 170+ Hospitals throughout the country with a sales team exclusively focused on Hospital Placed Media, part of digital place based/OOH. With content directed toward healthcare professionals as well as patients and visitors, the demographics have been a good target niche for businesses locally and nationally. The placement is large format digital media in high traffic, busy waiting areas on the hospital campus with 400+ LCDs and other static signage installed. In many cases, the units are built as a charging solution so individuals in the cafeteria, main lobby, or key waiting areas can charge their devices with the content directly displayed on the unit.

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After a successful initial programmatic test with AdOmni, Innovare has listed some of its Hospital Placed Media inventory with other programmatic platforms.  There has been a great response with Vistar and in a short period of time Innovare has seen a flurry of activity through Place Exchange, Broadsign, and Hivestack.  This has been very encouraging to see as smart media buyers are picking up this valuable venue (Hospitals) and investing their precious media dollars to reach a high-end audience of healthcare professionals and high-income healthcare users.

About Innovare Medical Media (Innovare)
The mission of Innovare is to infuse hospitals with INNOVATION and an ENTREPRENEURIAL SPIRIT.  Innovare will contribute over $20 million in newly developed revenue to hospitals through a strategic media platform. At no capital cost to hospitals, “zero, zip, zilch, nada, nothing,” Innovare provides numerous essential patient, visitor and healthcare professional cellphone charging stations which concurrently deliver cutting edge hospital marketing and branding messages.  By 2032, the Innovare team believes that over 500 hospitals will choose to partner with Innovare to leverage this unique entrepreneurial model.  Leading businesses continue to invest in this Hospital Placed Media platform as a strategic way to reach a highly-valued audience which not only supports key marketing initiatives but also generates new income for hospitals across the country.

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