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‘Hold Still’ —400 Outdoor Posters for Community Exhibition

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National Portrait Gallery’s Hold Still Community Exhibition


Here is a community exhibition called ‘Hold Still’ appearing on Out of Home displays across the UK sharing 100 photographs which create a unique portrait of the UK during lockdown. Supported by Co-op , the National Portrait Gallery project used hand-selected #ooh canvases to reach into 80 towns, cities and communities across the UK.

Here is the transparent info we like. No jacking around with the numbers with slick percentage increases. Straight away reporting: The project had an overwhelming public response measured by the number and range of extraordinary images received, numbering 31,598 entries.

The final 100 portraits go on display in local communities for up to four weeks from October 20.  A final 100 photographs were chosen to be part of a special online digital exhibition which you can see online at National Portrait Gallery.

The photographs feature on 400 outdoor posters at 112 locations, which can be seen in high streets, on buildings and bus stops, and on a special mural in Manchester’s Northern Quarter (until 8 November) and a takeover of billboards outside Waterloo station in South London (until 1 November). #HoldStill2020 

Posterscope was part of project helping people see the power of #OOH.

The campaign includes the hugely powerful ‘Melanie’ mural in Manchester’s Northern Quarter and the curated collection of the 16 sites in the Waterloo Domination.

Amazing portraits.  More https://bit.ly/3jn4s8A

Full story here ⇒National Portrait Gallery’s Hold Still Community Exhibition


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  1. Adam Hollander says

    This is a very cool way to have the community interact with OOH. We need something like this in the US.

  2. No Fear No Favor says

    Adam, agreed. Community interaction and the total numbers who participated 31,598 entries is very impressive. A similar selfless program with the dedicated volume of long term displays in the States would be appreciated.
    Thank you for your comments.

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