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Here’s the Latest Aruba Tourism OOH Campaign

Intersection Taps into Real-Time Weather Triggers Chicago, NYC, Philly

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Aruba Tourism Taps into Real-Time Weather Triggers in Latest OOH Campaign

This cold winter month, the Aruba Tourism Authority is using dynamic, real-time capabilities of digital out-of-home to (OOH) remind people across the U.S. that sunny days are within reach.

The Authority is reaching commuters in Chicago, Philadelphia and New York City through media company Intersection’s massive, unified digital signage networks. Screens throughout the cities feature photos of Aruba’s paradise beaches and activities, with real-time weather feeds that show just how much warmer it is in Aruba at that very moment. Dozens of different creative executions were created each with a “trigger point” based on real-time weather data. For example, Chicago screens display “Trade the Windy City for Warm Trade Winds,” with a dynamic weather feed of Chicago’s 30-degree temperature next to Aruba’s 82 degrees, while screens in New York read “When the Big Apple is Frozen to the Core,” with NYC at 30 degrees, Aruba 84. The more the temperatures dipped, the stronger the “warm weather” messaging.  Specific executions were even created to trip when there was snowfall, freezing rain and a Noreaster, for example.

Taking advantage of this technology and innovation is key for Aruba as the winter months are important booking windows for warm-weather destinations, especially in the Caribbean. And out-of-home continues to surpass all traditional media in revenue YOY, brands are finding new ways to leverage the flexible, dynamic medium to reach audiences with messaging that is relevant, timely and engaging.

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