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An Inside Look —developing CCO’s tech platform

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Alex Porter, VP at Clear Channel Outdoor (left) and Abhinav Keswani, CEO Trineo  (right) stand in front of a Dreamforce 2019 ad on a Clear Channel Outdoor billboard.


An Inside Look
—developing CCO’s tech platform

the case study presentation 

Below in the middle of this page, is a press release from Trineo and Clear Channel Outdoor. 

OK, forget the release below and blindly click on this link ⇒  Going Beyond Digital Transformation W/ Heroku: The Clear Channel Outdoor Story . It is about 40 minutes long, it will advance your knowledge of where CCO is, how they got there and where they are working to arrive with its technology. It is a bit on the techie side, positioned as a case study of how they built it and may be boring to many of our readers. I still recommend you watch to understand the process and the results it could mean to the OOH Industry.  At least in CCO’s vision.  This is just one of the Big 3, I would love to see what the other OOH Providers are doing as well.  

Brief background: Trineo, developed custom technology for CCO’s goals: to create digital applications that streamline data and processes across inventory management and ad buying through to installation and verification, and to deliver a programmatic platform for real-time ad bidding on digital displays.

The link takes you the case study presentation by Trineo and CCO at the Dreamforce 2019 last fall.  

Wanna save some time? Note the time marks of highlights as follows per Trineo:

 At ~3:30, how the CCO apps verify to Salesforce (client example) that the ads they paid for are running on the correct billboards. POP (awesome for the Salesforce marketer)

 At ~19:00, how CCO employees can select a specific location through the apps and drill down to see the various ads that have run on that billboard over time. You can even gather details like specific campaign information and view historical photos of the ads running. (awesome for the CCO sales rep)

 At ~20:00,  how you can drill in further and see all of the operations information behind the ad: who installed the billboard, the digital version of the work order, how many others were installed in San Francisco that day, and all of the campaign information that the ad was part of. (awesome for the ops team)

At ~28 minutes, description of latest work which goes far beyond modernizing existing processes, tackling a new frontier, implementing a Programmatic Advertising platform for digital billboards, bringing cutting edge on-demand ad technology to the out of home space. This work created an entirely new revenue stream as well as significant efficiencies for CCO.


Clear Channel Outdoor Transforms its Business with Trineo Ltd and Salesforce

Trineo Ltd recognized in Salesforce Partner Innovation Awards

BOULDER, Co., Feb. 11, 2020 /PRNewswire/ –Trineo Ltd. recently announced it has received the 2019 Salesforce Consulting Partner Innovation Award for their innovative work with Clear Channel Outdoor  leveraging the Heroku platform. The award was presented at Dreamforce 2019 and the case study presentation can be viewed here: https://trineo.com/blog/2020/01/dreamforce-2019-beyond-transformation.

Trineo, a Salesforce consulting partner, developed a bespoke progressive technology in service of CCO’s audacious goals: to create digital applications that streamline data and processes across inventory management and ad buying through to installation and verification, and to deliver a programmatic platform for real-time ad bidding on digital displays. This innovative technology was piloted with great success in Times Square in January 2019 and has subsequently been rolling out across regional markets. You can read more about CCO’s programmatic platform here: https://web.clearchanneloutdoor.com/programmatic.

Comments on the News

  • “Our work would not have been possible without the integrations available and the ability to build a tight service deployed on Heroku, complete with the scalability, reliability and performance tuning that Heroku provides,” said Keswani. “We have the great fortune of working with outstanding clients like Clear Channel Outdoor who have the vision and persistence to achieve meaningful, long-lasting transformation at scale.”
  • “Over five years, Trineo has helped us expertly craft our robust and powerful API and a series of custom API-powered apps which have transformed how our employees get work done and how we work with partners and customers,” said Alex Porter, VP at Clear Channel Outdoor. “Making such sweeping transformations to our organization would not have been possible without leveraging Heroku with Trineo’s expertise and their ability to get milestones across the finish line.”
  • “The work that our Partner Innovation Awards winners do to drive customer success deserves to be celebrated,” said Tyler Prince, Executive Vice President, Industries & Partners, Salesforce. “Companies across every industry are increasingly turning to the cloud and to trusted partners to guide them through their digital transformation journeys.”

About Trineo Ltd
In an ever-changing technology landscape, Trineo’s mission is to deliver competitive advantage by digitally transforming organizations so they can progressively evolve, innovate, and stay ahead of nimble competitors. The company has proven expertise in freeing legacy data, delivering futureproof API platforms that power partner integrations, and developing innovative customer and employee experiences. With 10 years of Salesforce and Heroku expertise, Trineo chooses to build on top of the best cloud platforms. In addition to transforming technology, the company embraces a culture of agility, often transforming its clients’ processes and delivery speed to support collaboration and innovation at pace. Count on it; we finish what we begin.

Trineo is a global firm with offices in the United States, Australia, and New Zealand.  visit www.trineo.com.

About Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings
Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings, Inc. is one of the world’s largest outdoor advertising companies with a diverse portfolio of 450,000 print and digital displays in 31 countries across Asia, Europe, Latin America and North America, reaching millions of people monthly. A growing digital platform includes over 15,000 digital displays in its international markets and more than 1,600 digital displays, including more than 1,300 digital billboards, in the U.S.





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