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Billboards Satiate Desire, Then It Happens —Postmate it!

Billboards Show Off

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 OOH Drives Immediacy —Postmates Delivers

“For most people, food is less about hunger and more about obsession. This is where Postmates steps in,” said Joe Staples, ecd and partner at Mother L.A. “We satiate desire with burgers and pizza and tacos and sushi. This is where we find the campaign—daydreaming in these moments.”


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Print and digital extensions of the OOH campaign capitalize on the customer’s need to immediately indulge.

Billboards tease the appetite with bright colorful backgrounds and superior food shots of pizza, sushi, salad bowls and chicken sandwiches with clever copy like “Congrats on your date ending early. Postmate it,” and “Know what’s in supermarkets? People. Postmate it.”




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