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New Year, New Decade: Top Priorities from Anna Bager

For 2020 —Consider This

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A New Year, A New Decade: Top 2020 Priorities

Anna Bager

Anna Bager,
OAAA President & CEO



Summary Excerpt from Anna Bager’s Column ‘Consider This’

“It is now time to transition from listening to leading, and to doing the right thing for the OOH industry. Here are the five most important priorities OAAA will focus on in 2020. They reflect member suggestions from every corner of our industry, and they are based on five key goals:”

  1. Protect our assets
  2. Promote unity
  3. Build a higher profile for OOH and the OAAA
  4. Make OOH easier to plan, buy, and sell
  5. Make OAAA even more powerful and inclusive

“These five 2020 priorities are highly synergistic, building upon each other to create more opportunity and momentum for the OOH industry. If our assets are protected and their value is secure, OOH operators can focus on growth. If OOH creates a higher profile, we can elevate our medium and participate in more media buys. If we make OOH easier to buy and sell, we can increase our transaction volume and continue to take share from other advertising formats. And, if we are a more unified industry, we can increase awareness, affinity, scale, and appreciation for OOH advertising, and make it more of a core media buy than ever before.”

For the complete post of Anna Bager’s column the link is here⇒ Consider This



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