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Got Milk? | The Wall

You're Gonna Need Milk For That

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You’re Gonna Need Milk For That The Wall

Got Milk? | The Wall


got milk?  It’s the decades-long question that’s inspired millions of Americans to drink the dairy beverage. And in 2020, consumers certainly got their milk, actively seeking out its nutritional benefits, in part to assuage health concerns brought on by the pandemic. In August, the Milk Processor Education Program (MilkPEP) seized on this momentum, resurrecting one of the most iconic campaigns of the 90s and early 2000s, got milk?  

Today, MilkPEP unveiled a new campaign, You’re Gonna Need Milk for That, and is taking on a new competitor: sports drinks.  

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You’re Gonna Need Milk for That celebrates milk’s centuries-long status as a sports drink, leaning on new data that has taken milk’s credentials from 9 to 13 essential nutrients. Milk has been fueling athletes since 776 BC. With a natural nutrient combination not found in formulated sports drinks, milk is the clear choice for athletes of all ages to fuel athletic performance and to repair, rehydrate and replenish their muscles and bodies. Milk stands alone as the Original Sports Drink

To launch the new campaign, MilkPEP tapped Oscar-winning director and mountaineer, Jimmy Chin, to spotlight milk’s performance-fueling power in a two-minute film titled, ‘The Wall.’ The film follows elite climber and 2024 Olympic hopeful Kai Lightner as he skillfully scales a climbing wall atop a 30-story building, with milk as his fuel.  

You’re Gonna Need Milk for That will also be supported with a national media rollout across sports and lifestyle sites, out-of-home creative, rebranded social channels, athletic partnerships, significant investments in Gen Z media, disruptive shopper experiences in-store and online, and more.  

Kansas City hosted this monster Out of Home execution. The two videos share the story much better than any written description. View both below.

Got Milk? | Behind The Wall
The video on why the wall and the build out below


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