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Focus Advertising —OOH Agency Today

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OOH Agency Today—Focus Advertising

by Sarah Druhan, OOH TODAY Journalist

Everything you need to know about Focus Advertising, you can pretty much gather from one glance at their snappy logo: they navigate effortlessly through all the colors and variety of the OOH world, eventually landing on one perfect, focused center. And with a hand in everything from researching media strategies to crafting creative campaigns, this Alabama-based agency is as well-rounded as the O in their name. Today we get the behind-the-scenes info on everything Focus Advertising, straight from Focus Advertising President Lisa Orenstein herself.

Please tell us about Focus Advertising. How long have you been in business? Staffing? Size?
We have been in business since 2004 (18 years).  We have 3 employees and have various business partners to get our job done.

What would you like brands and the OOH Industry to know about your shop?
We work with a variety of businesses, non-profit organizations, state and federal agencies. Focus Advertising supports and oversees the Public Service Program (PSA) for outdoor advertising associations across the nation. Through these programs state and federal agencies can maximize their exposures! This partnership allows us to maximize grants, federal and state dollars effectively in order to reach and target as many people as possible.

Focus Advertising has a proven track record of promoting state and federal agency messages to the public through our programs! The Outdoor PSA program allows our clients to take advantage of unsold billboards spaces at drastically reduced rates or even sometimes free with only the minimal cost of production.

Once we qualify and contract a PSA client, we work closely with the outdoor companies on posting of materials and reporting details.

Do you work with clients directly and/or through agencies? What is the percentage breakdown?
We are able to work directly with our clients and often times we will work with their agency of record if they have one. We partner well with other agencies in order to effectively deliver the client’s message.

Any comments or suggestions for OOH reps in approaching or working with your company?
Because it is important for us to show the value of a PSA campaign to our customers, it is important for our vendors/reps to provide us with detailed POP reports that include locations, impressions, maps, photos, post and drop dates.  With this information we can provide a detailed report of the PSA campaign we deliver for each client.

Tell me a little more about the Outdoor PEP program at Focus. How exactly does it work, and what do you want people to know about it? Do you have any specific success stories with these program you’d like to share?
Our clients have seen tremendous success with the PSA program.  We guarantee a 3:1 return on their investment and most times we are delivering 6-10x a return on their investment.

What differentiates your business from others?
We have a proven track record of delivering successful PSA campaigns that actually go up, are tracked and reported throughout the campaign and deliver a huge value.

How do you obtain new business?
We obtain new business through client referrals, identifying grant recipients that qualify for our PSA program and working closely through ad agencies that are awarded contracts from the state and federal level.

Discuss or share OOH campaigns by your shop.
Some of our clients include GA Governor’s Office of Highway Safety, GA Driver Services, Affordable Healthcare, 811-Call Before You Dig and many more!

For more information on Focus Advertising, click here.

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