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FIFA 23 Launches 3D, pDOOH Campaign

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EA SPORTS and Kinetic, in conjunction with Msix&Partners, have launched its latest out-of-home campaign for FIFA 23, following the inclusion of women’s club football for the first time in the game’s history. 

With the men’s World Cup fast approaching and the Lionesses victory at the women’s Euros earlier this year, the campaign featuring Kylian Mbappe, Jack Grealish, Sam Kerr, Chloe Kelly will run between 21st September – 8th November to drive awareness of FIFA 23, the most complete EA SPORTS FIFA title ever. 

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The campaign will run across multiple sites and formats, including national bus supersides with lenticulars that feature male player, Mbappe, morphing into female player, Kerr, and key digital OOH frame sites such as Waterloo Motion, Outernet, Ocean LFD nationally, UG D12s.

The most notable site is at Waterloo Roadside Gallery which features an unmissable domination and special builds of Mbappe and Grealish kicking 3D footballs. The campaign will also target football fans and gamers whilst upweighting against key Premier League match days and stadiums using Programmatic OOH.

This campaign delivers the perfect balance of using reach driving formats like buses, impact driving formats like large format digital to hero the players using full motion video, creativity through special builds and lenticulars, prOOH to skew our audience led approach. 

OOH is the most inclusive channel by default reaching 98% of UK adults, and through this campaign showcasing male and female talent we hope to grow the FIFA 23 player base by unlocking further sales of the product.

Profile photo of Cheryl Crilley
Cheryl Crilley

Cheryl Crilley, Business Director at Kinetic said “We are incredibly proud of the FIFA 23 OOH launch. Our work plays to all the key strengths of our channel – awareness, fame, creativity, inclusive marketing, whilst blending in a flexible and audience-led approach through prOOH.”

Profile photo of Emma Tickle
Emma Tickle

Emma Tickle, Senior Media Planner, EA SPORTS added “It’s been a pleasure working with Kinetic and OOH media owners for the FIFA 23 launch campaign. We’re thrilled to be showcasing incredible talent through a variety of formats across the UK, utilizing creativity in special builds and standard activations to drive awareness of the most inclusive, authentic, and expansive football experience to-date.”

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