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Billboard Photos —Pain in the Bottom Line or Reasonable Investment to Reoccurring Sales?

great photography begets more business

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I know you’ve been hearing me harp about providing great photography to clients because hey, we are a visual Industry!  We need to provide more than just average visual images for our client’s campaigns, even if some of our installations are average in their appearance.

There are companies in this industry that already realize great photography begets more business.


During a recent call with a prospective client, I was disheartened to hear they no longer rely on their OOH Vendor POP/Glam photos. The photos they did get from their vendors were late and often didn’t appear to be something they wanted to pass on to their customers because of their poor quality. They were tired of begging. So they hired their own freelance photographers (which they admit is a lot of work.)  Why? Because as an agency, they provide excellent service and part of that service is providing great specialty photos promptly to the client. Here’s another doosey, (as my dad would say) vendors complain about having to provide glamour shots.  Glamour shots cost money, and a lot of people think of it as eating into the bottom line.  I’ve heard “we’ll take glam photos only for our national clients because we are forced to….but not our local ones”


But the mistake is not understanding the value of the photos you provide.  Taking good photos of your client’s campaigns sells other potential clients to use our medium.  I’m still sensing that photography in this industry is often looked upon as a pain in the ass….an expense, not as an investment.  The disconnect is so simple, advertisers, especially local advertisers are proud of their billboards.  They often will display a mini on their desk to show off their campaigns.  They are proud of them, posting photos on social media and websites. We as an industry can do better.  We need to embrace not only the need for photos but their value to growing sales. I spent over 30 years in this business begging for good photos to be delivered quickly.  FotoFetch is the answer to getting those photos, with over 5,000 photographers, FotoFetch is shooting all types of OOH faces, indoors and out, coast to coast in North America.

by Steve Lind, Chief Evangelist



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