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Photos are about building your business and brand

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Photo shot by FotoFetch

Another OAAA conference is over.  It was a well-run conference, buttoned up, with interesting speakers and moderators even a drag queen made a cameo appearance. A few “Oh my’s” were even heard.

Everyone was excited about the news of improvements in our measurement data, the award-winning creative up for OBIE awards, increases in reaching consumers, breaking through the fragmented landscape, organic growth, and so on.  The future looks bright for OOH.

One burr in the bright outlook is the persistent inconsistencies in getting photos to our clients.

Photo shot by FotoFetch

If you follow LinkedIn, our industry has figured out how vital the need is to present great photos.  Many of us understand the importance of getting great timely photos of our client’s creative which also showcase our beautiful assets.  Yet stubborn attitudes persist throughout our markets on what clients deserve.  Is waiting three weeks for an acceptable photo worthy of a social media post? Their campaign only runs for four weeks. And it’s not just clients complaining but our own sales reps who at times have to beg to their own offices for photos. Yes, I get it; photography is a line-item expense. But then again, the OOH industry is a visual medium, unlike radio which doesn’t need photography. Well-crafted photos broaden awareness of our medium. The images of this year’s OBIE entries and even those of years past will adorn websites long after any measurement results of these campaigns are long forgotten.

Photos are not simply about appeasing needy clients, it’s about building your business and your service brand.







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