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‘A view to press’ Criminal Charges

Danes CAT Alleged Coordinated Rates Against Clear Channel and JCDecaux

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CAT upholds decision on outdoor media owners’ discount rates

According to multiple stories out of Denmark, Clear Channel and JCDecaux, allegedly coordinated discount rates in connection with media commission, security and information compensation. Additionally, it was reproted the companies had also agreed to joint cash discounts. Clear Channel Denmark A/S and AFA JCDecaux A/S both provide various OOH displays including billboards and ad pillars, bus stops, supermarkets, shopping malls, train stations and airports.

In violation of Danish anti-competitive laws, according to Denmark’s Competition Appeals Tribunal(CAT), Clear Channel Denmark A/S and AFA JCDecaux A/S, had coordinated discount rates when selling ad space on their OOH media.

The Tribunal upheld the initial decision by the Competition Council finding anti-competitive behavior as ‘a concerted practice.’ The case was ruled on, in December 2018 by the Competition Council against Clear Channel and JCDecaux and just a few weeks ago it was upheld by the Competition Appeals Tribunal. 

Now the case has been referred to the state prosecutor for ‘serious economic and international crime’ for ‘a view to press’ criminal charges.

For more details⇒ Read the Competition Appeal Tribunal’s ruling                                      




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