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Creating New OOH Standard Measurement

Q&A With Geopath's Kym Frank

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Q&A With Geopath’s Kym Frank


Charlene Weisler

Charlene Weisler is a Strategic Media Advisor, Writer, Media Consultant in NYC.

Ms Weisler speaks with Kym Frank, Geopath President, “who’s charged with leading the move to advance OOH measurement through data and analytics.”

Recalling the days when Weisler knew Ms Frank’s tenure at Zenith, Weisler’s interview with Frank touches on the state of OOH measurement, the advantages of OOH and surprises from the new GeoPath data.

It’s a short but great read with our shining star of OOH, Geopath’s President, Kym Frank.


Click here ⇒. Creating New OOH Standard Measurement: Q&A With Geopath’s Kym Frank in Digital News Daily.









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