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What’s to Become of the Static Billboard?

Do Static Billboards Face Extinction?

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If Classic billboards face extinction —that’s a problem

Stuart Taylor, Kinetic UK’s CEO, cites the decline of what he calls the classic billboard or static OOH, and he asks how this will affect advertisers. Ironically, Taylor states, “It may seem counter intuitive for the world’s largest OOH buying company to suggest that we would consider or even allow fixed, structural inflation in a market where we are employed to drive value.” Thinking long term.

Taylor makes some interesting points which are questions we might be asking in the States.  I suspect we will hear more from our Industry’s “thought leaders” in the near future on similar topic.

Read the story ⇒Classic billboards face extinction – and that’s a problem

Share your comments on the future of ‘classic billboards.’  Leave a pseudonym if you fear what management might say.  We really understand that dilemma.

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  1. John Mulholland says

    Static billboards will never die as long as we keep putting up great creative. We need to use extensions more.

  2. Emily says

    Static offers great visibility, not just from a print clarity viewpoint but also because brands don’t need to share the space with a digital flip. There are pros and cons to each, but we’re proud of how we can deliver great creative on vinyl.

  3. Bill Board says

    Agreed Emily. One of one message verses 1 of 8 on digital. Easy math right? Thank for the comments.

  4. Bill Board says

    Great observation Mr Mulholland. Creative is King. Thank you

  5. Todd Hansen says

    The OOH footprint across our great country is so much different than any other .The static locations are the heart beat of the OOH industry throughout the country. Your thoughts might compare the UK to a NY, LA, SF or Chicago. Maybe some billboard companies may take down some units that don’t perform in a market, which is sad. The answer to a non performing unit is not to take it down, but to find someone that can sell it.

    OOH is bought differently in the UK compared to the USA market. Where agencies in the UK have a greater control of the rate and space, compared to the agency in the USA. We have such a large portion of business that is direct to client, where the billboard companies can control rates. I do believe that the the Major buying service here are having greater control of the top markets space, but not the rates.

  6. Bill Board says

    Agreed Mr. Hansen, major differences between UK and America OOH Industry. Non performing billboards should be made to perform and not written off as an accounting expense.
    There are no bad billboards. Only bad creative, sales and management.

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