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Apple Backs News Racks with Clear Channel Outdoor

Digital Urban Panels Expand Out of Home Coverage

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Robert Schmitt, Clear Channel Outdoor’s N.Calf. Reg. Pres. – “… we’re excited about it.”

Clear Channel Outdoor, is selecting the best of the best of SF’s pedestrian audience,

introducing a new format network of 55-inch high-def LCD screens on the backs of newspaper racks.  Installing in the land of technology, Apple was the initial advertiser with 50 faces. Over 60 faces are in operation with 100 projected by end of February.

Silicon Valley Start Up Companies

Apple, Amazon and Google are among the biggest adopters of Digital Outdoor Advertising screens, according to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America. 

Ryan Langan, a University of San Francisco assistant marketing and branding professor, said,  It is “one more avenue, one more medium, one more touchstone for getting messages to advertisers target audience.”

Out of Home (OOH) is immune from the threat of being skipped or ad blocked, effectively reaching the younger population who are very skilled at avoiding advertising.

Read the complete article here from San Francisco Chronicle staff writer Benny Evangelista.

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  1. Jean-Paul Gedeon says

    DOOH is the future (and present). As another touchpoint that can collect and display real time data, these insights are attractive to advertisers and the communities they are in.

  2. Todd Hansen says

    Robert, that is great coverage. This new space works well with the Digital Interactive Shelters we built throughout the SF Market. We built the Digital Interactive Shelters and pioneered the launch of great space for Clear Channel Outdoor. The news racks can only enhance a media buy in the SF market. It is great to see my old team’s efforts still working in the BAY.

    Advertisers love that space.

  3. Bill Board says

    The newspaper racks are a natural fit with the rest of the robust street furniture already in place in the SF Market. Jean-Paul, DOOH is the future.
    Thank you for the comments.

  4. Bill Board says

    Thank you for your comments Todd Hansen. You probably recall Coca-Cola was the inaugural advertiser for the Digital Interactive Shelter Space when introduced in Clear Channel Outdoor SF Marketplace.
    It might be said CCO SF is once again taking a leadership role in the market. Why is that?

  5. Todd Hansen says

    I think the advertisers in the Bay area market, call for technology in the OOH Space. That is why the interactive / digital / shelters have done so well. That is why Coke made a large commitment to that space and as well as Apple and so on. The inventory that was just added in regards to News Racks, were always apart of the big picture, it just needed someone like CCO to active that space .

    If you are buying the Bay you need these in the plan .

    OH, buy the way, we also built several great Digital Bulletins in the Bay market that dominate the landscape as we know it in the OHH world .

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