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5 Trends in 2018 That Are Changing the OOH Experience

Billups on OOH for 2018

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Billups authored a positively forward-looking post on 5 trends for OOH 2018

The full Billups post can be found here.

OOH Today has summarized the article for your convenience.

5 Trends in 2018 That Are Changing the OOH Experience

1 – Software & automation are increasing efficiency and effectiveness.  By mid-2018, five major outdoor owners will have their own automation software integration.  

The Museum of Science in Boston used audience analysis to target their pop culture & science exhibit

2 – Data is being used for greater targeting & measurement precision.  In general, the utilization of data by the OOH industry is driving the shift from targeting as many people as possible to targeting as many members of specific audiences as possible.

3 – Mobile will be even more integrated as a data source and campaign vehicle.  Advertisers are building on this strength using cross-channel campaigns that span OOH placements and mobile ads, often tied to specific locations. The near-universal presence of smartphones is opening the door for tracking and measurement data. 

DOOH full motion NYC

4 – DOOH will continue to grow as a major force in OOH. That increased presence also comes with a much larger diversity of media options, from posters to billboards to transit to bus shelters.

The audience for Hubway and Lyft overlap, making for an effective targeted placement

5 – Localization, contextual messages and utility placements are on the rise. By adjusting the message to display differently at different times depending on the context, a brand is capable of relating directly to the viewer on an experiential level, driving better metrics.

Bottom Line:
2018 is positioned to be a great year for OOH. Make sure you’re positioned to take advantage of it.

With everything that’s changing in OOH, it’s important to remember that this is still an industry of people helping people to make connections between brands and their audiences. All five of these trends just make it that much easier.

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