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Cemetery as OOH Advertiser?

Bring a Cemetery's Voice to Life

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Cemetery as Billboard Advertiser

Who has a cemetery as an Out of Home advertiser?  I am guessing of the thousands that
read OOH Today every morning, the count will be less than 3. Am I correct?

Cleveland has one and they are using ” digital outdoor advertising, created by locally based agency Brokaw with an aim of being “death-positive.” Here’s a sample of the copy which has appeared in the past.

• “Think rush hour lasts an eternity? You don’t know the half of it.”
• “All things must come to an end. Even traffic jams.”
• “Happy Fourth of July! We’re thrilled to celebrate a birthday for once.”
• “Consider us the Cooperstown of Cleveland burials.”
• “There are no conditions for joining us. Just, you know.”


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After you are done thinking about that one for a minute, go to the story from AdWeek for the complete story about Lake View Cemetery Association use of OOH. Here⇒ This Cleveland Cemetery Is Surprisingly Great at ‘Death-Positive’ Advertising


Oh and if 3 Outdoor Advertising companies have billboards on the street for a Cemetery, send me a photo and a brief note about your placement. We will mention the story and send a steel miniature billboard to the first three companies only who submit.  Send to BillBoard@OOHToday.com





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