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Bouncing Bad Actors and Vetting New Members — Who’s Responsible for Regulating OOH?

When It Gets Chippy —Time for a Code of Conduct?

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Podcast #22Vetting New Members and Bouncing Bad Actors— 
Who’s Responsible for Regulating OOH?

“you’re nothing more a COWARD and a CHILD by deleting me on LinkedIn. Bullies like you hate getting punched back, don’t ya ….. I punch back very HARD.”

When it gets chippy who does one turn to?

When an Association Affiliate Member Threatens to ‘Punch Someone’ (and more) over a business discussion, should that member be removed from the Association?  Should the Association have rules (a code of conduct) in place to provide a mechanism for removal? Who vets new members and their products/services? 

For the record, this confrontation had nothing to do with OOH Today or its staff.  We read about it in another OOH Industry related trade publication who it was directed at. This and other actions have raised certain questions and suggestions long overdue in today’s fast changing environment.

The Board Room tackles the tough questions:
1. Who provides quality assurance of new OOH products and services?
2. Who is responsible for monitoring Bad Actors?
3. Is vetting product and services the responsibility of the DPAA/Geopath/OAAA/Other Associations?
4. Should it be left to the market forces?

♣ We did some discovery and found Geopath does have a code of conduct see bottom of page. ♣

We spoke to OAAA who told us they did not have a code of conduct to vet or remove. Geopath shared their bylaws which appears to cover the issues. We did not speak with DPAA and welcome Barry Frey’s comments.  

Join us on the 17 minute podcast.

The Board Room 
OOH Experts / Board Members:
Jack SullivanTodd Hansen, and Bob Wolfe




Podcast #22 — 17 minutes —Click the orange circle/white arrow below to listen

Board Room Directors:
Todd Hansen, General Manager, Sun Outdoor
Bob Wolfe, Owner, Outselling, Inc
Jack Sullivan, OOH Media Professional and Adviser

Brent Baer, Moderator, Publisher, OOH Today

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♣ We reviewed Geopath bylaws and determined one can get kicked out of membership at Geopath. Bolded Italic section below could apply to the situation that other Associations were facing who lacked this type of codification. 

Offenses and Sanctions
Section 9.1        Sanctionable Offenses.

            The Board of Directors, after due consideration, may impose the penalty of censure, suspension, probation or expulsion from membership of any member found to have committed any of the following offenses:

(a)        dishonest, fraudulent or dishonorable reports, statements or conduct in dealings with Geopath;

(b)        failing to pay dues or other indebtedness as required by the By-Laws;

(c)        violating any By-Law, policy or rule of Geopath; or

(d)        violating any database license agreement or any other agreement with Geopath

Podcast produced by William Farmer




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  1. Nick Coston says

    I’ve punched Bill Board several times, he just laughed at me…

  2. Gino Sesto says

    I’m dying to punch Brent in the face after listening to this.

  3. Bill Board says

    Gino Sesto you’re too funny. Thanks for listening!

  4. Bill Board says

    Is there a punch line? Thanks for listening Nick Coston

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