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Biting the Boards that Feed You

'Bitten Billboards'

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Biting the Boards that Feed You


If you have listened to any of the OOH Today podcasts, our Board Room OOH professionals have been vigilant sirens sounding the need for the Outdoor Advertising Industry to pivot, finding new and more gutsy means to sell and market the biz.

Since January’s podcast on the 15th calling for an ATTACK on 2020, Why We’re Breakin’ the Mold and Attacking 2020 —Podcast #20 to April 14th’s Podcast 31 — From the Boards’ Personal Sales’ Pipelines —Specific, Actionable, Ideas for OOH Revenues Today and for When This Coronavirus Crisis Ends, it has been our conviction the Industry must take on more venturesome approaches to find success in the COVID 2019 Crisis.

Here is someone who got it right, TBWA\Paris and McDonald’s. 

They are calling them ‘Bitten Billboards’. The photos below tell it all. To be clear:
No words. No logos. And of course, no directional information. 

Destroying perfectly good structures or making custom builds, replacing the standard ‘sign’ for the greatest impact.

Break the rules! Great OOH creative sells more space. What was the last universally great creative you’ve completed? 

Make great outdoor advertising the rule not the exception. Are we looking at another Obie winner?


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  1. Todd Hansen says

    Great use of the space that we sell all day! Great creative makes a boring space shine.

  2. No Fear No Favor says

    Makes a boring space shine, says the man from Sun Outdoor. Pun intended. Thank you Mr. Hansen

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