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Good Business News Inspires

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Ike Wingate, aka, Jerry Attrik


Good Business News Inspires Creativity!


Aren’t we all looking for some good news these days – or at the least something to make us smile or chuckle?  Well thanks to our friend, Ike Wingate with Wingate Media Group, you can have both.  Tune in to this week’s latest episode of Good Business News and see for yourself!

At the onset of the pandemic, Ike decided to mix a little fun and find a way to help give his indoor digital network customers some extra media exposure since audience opportunities were greatly limited after a state government mandated shutdown. He breathed life back in to a “character” from his media past – Jerry Attrik, and adapted a video idea that John Krasinksi (The Office) was doing “Some Good News”, and Good Business News was born!


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After producing a few episodes, Ike contacted Liv Brown at Camel City Posters about doing a backdrop for the newsroom studio screen and Liv fell in love with the concept, literally laughing out loud while watching the first episode.  Camel City donated the backdrop and asked for a plug on the next show!

So here is some Good News for you today.  Good out-of-home ideas come from great creative minds like Ike Wingate!  “I hope you’ll be inspired by the good news of this week’s Good Business News episode,” said Brown, “but I hope you’ll be even more inspired to think outside the box with your customers on ways you can give them great exposure and advertising opportunities and have some fun at the same time!”   Visit www.GoodBusiness.News


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