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Beyong the Booth —EMC Outdoor Announces the Release of Event Marketing Sponsorship Study

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Veteran conference and trade show marketing agency EMC Outdoor has released a new study into Exhibitors’ Viewpoints and Attitudes Toward Sponsorship Opportunities

PHILADELPHIA, – EMC Outdoor is pleased to announce the release of “Beyond the Booth; A Report on Exhibitors’ Viewpoints and Attitudes Toward Sponsorship Opportunities.”

This first-of-its-kind study takes a deep dive into exhibitors’ attitudes and viewpoints on sponsorship opportunities and the overall event experience. What do they think about live vs. virtual events? How do they decide what events to attend? What are they looking for in sponsorship opportunities? How do they evaluate their event experience? What are they looking to accomplish, and how do they measure success?

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The study found that 68% of exhibitors strongly agree that in-person events provide a much better return on investment than virtual events. It also showed that 60% of exhibitors say my company is willing to try new things when it comes to exhibiting at conferences and trade shows, and 59% say my company would like to see fresh opportunities for sponsorship opportunities beyond the typical swag bags and wi-fi.

The study surveyed over 200 professionals who are involved in decisions about attending medical-industry conferences or trade shows, sponsoring/exhibiting, and have worked for an organization that has exhibited at medical conferences/trade shows before COVID-19 and/or in 2022.

The study also identified three distinct attitudinal segments across the exhibitors who exhibited common opinions and behaviors. The attitudinal segments are evenly distributed regardless of age, gender, company size, or respondents’ level of seniority. Song Heo, SVP Media Strategy & Client Partnerships, and leader of EMC’s conference and trade show marketing division said; “The study shows that while there are significant differences across the attitudinal segments and what they are looking for, exhibitors place a high value on sponsorship opportunities, and there is great potential for organizations to increase and expand what they are offering.”

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The study provides valuable, actionable insights for event organizations that will allow them to have a better understanding of their exhibitors’ goals and needs. These insights will help them optimize their sponsorship packages, engage more of their exhibitors by offering valuable promotional opportunities, and increase non-dues revenue streams for their organization.

Learn more, and download the full study here.


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