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Bad Bad Passwords —Warning: This OOH has SALTY Language —Open and Read at your own risk

The 25 Most Unsafe

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billboard with word 'shit'
Bad Passwords SSF Stoldskyddsforeningen it gets worse


Bad Bad Passwords

The OOH campaign is called ‘Bad Passwords’. The client is SSF Stöldskyddsföreningen. I am having a difficult time believing these actually hit the streets. According to the agency Akestam Holst, who was recently named Sweden’s Country Agency of the Year, ‘Bad Passwords’ did hit the streets. SSF and Holst efforts are to make the Swedish people safer online. Reinforcing the effectiveness of online integrating with OOH. This OOH has SALTY Language. Open and read at your own risk.


In their first campaign together, they “drew inspiration from a list of the 25 most used passwords in Sweden, and simply asked if they’re really that safe?” 

Not a lot of description in this post is necessary. The copy explains itself. Very clever, but will the ‘F’ bomb be accepted in your market?  Will it play in Peoria? or Minneapolis?  How about Atlanta or Phoenix?   



Check Holst’s website for the SSF Stoldskyddsforeningen work, click here⇒ SSF Bad Passwords  You’ll need your Swedish to English dictionary handy.

Published: February 2021

Credit Ads of the World:  https://www.adsoftheworld.com/media/integrated/ssf_passwords

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