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Ashley Madison’s Foray Into Political Affairs

Ashley Madison’s latest marketing campaign targets hometown cheat

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Dr. Oz: Take a Good Look Around, This Is Your Hometown

Ashley Madison’s latest marketing campaign targets hometown cheat

Since Dr. Oz announced his candidacy for the Republican US Senate seat in Pennsylvania last year, he’s received criticism for his infidelity to New Jersey, the state he lived in for decades. You may say Dr. Oz is going, boys, and he ain’t coming back, but Ashley Madison is bringing the hometown cheat back to the Garden State.

Off of the westbound I-495 highway in Secaucus, the world’s leading married dating site will be launching its latest marketing campaign the week of October 3 with a little inspiration from The Boss, urging Dr. Oz to remember his New Jersey roots. Like his opponents and fellow NJ celebrities, Ashley Madison just doesn’t think he’s ready to let go yet.

With this new OOH campaign, Ashley Madison wants to make one thing clear: It’s okay to cheat on your spouse, but you should never cheat on your hometown.

Shame on you, Dr. Oz. Take a good look around. This is your hometown.

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About Ashley Madison
Ashley Madison is the global leader for married dating with more than 75 million members worldwide since 2002. Available in 52 countries and 15 languages, the company’s mission to offer adults a platform to discreetly connect has made it the premier destination for affairs.

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