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Break It To Me

OOH …Here’s One Thing

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OOH …Here’s One Thing 

Break It To Me


by Jim Johnsen,
Managing Director, Johnsen, Fretty & Company

Here’s something out of the usual. Anyone else hip to Muse? I recently stumbled on them and love their creativity and some of their guitar licks. Ya, I know, they have been around since the 90s so I am a little late to the game. But hey, at least I am not serving another 70s song…this one dates to 2018:

“Don’t dress it up but don’t beat around the bush
And don’t cover it up but don’t push it underground
And don’t keep it inside and don’t edit and redact
And no dumbing it down
And don’t fake it, just…”

(Muse, Break It To Me, 2018)

Nice Johnsen, but what’s the point? Anyone else waking up these days with a nervous twitch wondering whether or not we are going to get hit with a recession tsunami? Here is a typical morning for me. Wake up, pull an aeropress (see my earlier post about coffee if that does not mean anything to you— Black Coffee In Bed ), flip on the news, hear about financial and world Armageddon amongst other things and then quickly flip off the news as soon as possible. Try to get an “old man” work out in of some sort before the world kicks into full gear. From there it’s off to work (ya I am one of those old schoolers…hard to believe right) and I have to tell you things still feel pretty darn good in that outdoor bubble we all live in. Most of the people I talk to on the daily are having a good year and just had a good quarter. I am not hearing about the cancellations we all saw in 2009 and then again in March of 2020.

So what gives Mr. Smith? (goes to Washington). Here are two independent sources that claim doom and gloom:

Why are ad sales slumping before the economy slumps? – Vox

Stanley Druckenmiller: I’ll Be Stunned If We Don’t Have A Recession In 2023, “I Don’t Rule Out Something Really Bad” | Video | RealClearPolitics

So here is the question to all you outdoor practitioners out there. Are you guys seeing anything over the horizon? Or is this one more like 1993, when we sailed through with barely a scratch, versus 2008/2009 when we all needed a lifeboat?

I welcome your feedback as I don’t have a clue. And if the above song is too dire to start the week, try this instead

(My best friend’s father was Rick James’ lawyer when I was growing up…but that’s a story for another time.)



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