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9 Months an OOH Message

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This is a feel good story about a man, Ryan McLennan, who needed a kidney and committed to 27 billboards in an attempt to find one. After 9 months of no luck, the right donor match finally showed.  It is a good story with more details below.

For OOH, it’s a great testimonial of the effectiveness and power of OOH’s REACH and FREQUENCY!  Both measures, demonstrating why OOH belongs at the very top of the media food chain. Outdoor advertising’s reach and frequency are a common story we discuss in our pitches and hear successes over and over, year after year.  The ‘customer’ drives past the billboards every day on his way to work and BAM! it hits him, he makes a call.

It is no less effective for automotive, real estate, sports betting or any category.  OOH delivers!
To McLennan’s good fortune, it delivered for him as well.

Challenge to you: What products/services doesn’t do well with OOH advertising?  We propose there are none.  Everything does well with Outdoor Advertising.

Everything does well with Outdoor Advertising.

Read the full story here ⇒Man put up billboards searching for kidney donor




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