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Top 7 Print Ads from 2017 by Ad Week

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This Saturday morning, take a brief break from OOH and check out ‘best of’ Print ads for 2017, according to Adweek. Click here for the full article  Adweeks 7 Great Print Ads of 2017  or see below for short highlights.

Burger King carrying the Flame Broiled theme too far?

OOH and Flamed Grilled burgers well done

Copy below explained: “We know. It’s ‘your’ not ‘you’re.’ We just figured that a typo would be the best way for our ad to stand out in a fine publication like Oxford American magazine. But nice catch anyway, William Faulkner.”

They deliberately misused “You’re” instead of “Your”

The LL Bean ad below was made with photochromic ink, which is colorless indoors but turns different colors when exposed to ultraviolet light, usually from the sun or a black light. Is there an OOH use for Photochromic Ink?

photochromic ink

Special nighttime light effect for McDonald’s

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