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It's Not Snow, eh... Nature's Fridge. The Beanie Boards

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2017/18 Mammoth Mt beanie 

You’re freezing your tail off, while in California, they have a giant head warming stocking cap.

Lamar Advertising, Lancaster, CA. with Mammoth Mountain Ski Area and Lamar Graphics’, produced another giant ‘beanie’ this year, completely wrapping a poster panel on Hwy 395 in Big Pine, CA.

The ‘beanie’ is a larger than life stocking hat.  Above all, its a simple and effective reminder it’s ski season at Mammoth Mt. Here are the last 3 designs.

Newest Beanie now on display.








This year’s ‘beanie’ as they call it in California, or touque, (Canadian touque has a pom-pom attached to the top) is pictured above, in orange. The prior two designs are in blue and black trim above.  A few years back, one of the designs was deservedly nominated for an Obie. #StealTheshOBIE

Good photo for POP
Last year’s design.
Credit eh, to Bob and Doug McKenzie.

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