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OOH Messages Threaten Public

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fauda guns
A scene from TV Show “Fauda,” which was purchased by Netflix credit Haim Yafim/Yes

All is fair in love and war. What about advertising and war?  To the extent it threatens public safety, did this Outdoor Advertising campaign go too far?

Billboards in Israeli town Kiryat Gat, advertised for a TV Series “Fauda,” which means “chaos” in Arabic.  Who is surprised it frightened and caused public concern?  The billboard messages in Arabic, said, “Prepare yourselves,” “The chaos is about to begin” and “On its way to you.” The text was white on black background, with no translation into Hebrew or any other language.  Govt warning?  Enemy message?  Scary stuff.  The city’s mayor had the messages removed. Read article here 

 Were the risks to public safety worth the rewards of marketing? Irresponsible OOH Operators? Your reaction? 

Fauda whole unit
Fauda’ ads spook Israelis. credit Edan Ring

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