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Zoom Video Communications Crushes Conversion Rate Goals with Wrapify Retargeting

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Case Study – Zoom Video Communications Crushes Conversion Rate Goals with Wrapify Retargeting


Zoom Video Communications is a leader in the B2B technology space. They added Wrapify to their marketing mix starting in 2018, with an “always-on” mentality going into 2020 after seeing positive results. Going into various markets with Wrapify campaigns, Zoom was able to custom-build an ABM and key accounts strategy for growing their awareness, pipeline and customer base.

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With markets that have limited inventory of other OOH such as billboards and transit, Wrapify delivered exposure everywhere they wanted it. Zoom wanted to increase awareness and specific conversions as a result of their campaign.


“We wanted to add something unique and noticeable to our marketing mix when we found Wrapify. They’ve helped us reach and convert more ideal customers with their offline-to-online retargeting.”

Janine Pelosi

Here is a preview of a 4-week time period their campaign was on the road and the coverage obtained. Each color is another car advertisement on the road, grabbing device ID’s as they drive:

Zoom also leveraged SWARM successfully growing their impression numbers quickly. A SWARM is when multiple wrapped vehicles gather at a specific place and time, creating a huge brand moment nobody can forget! Zoomtopia and more proved to provide a high volume of impressions FAST.


Utilizing Wrapify’s Physical Retargeting features, Zoom was able to show their online ads to the exposed devices from the campaign. All impressions, clicks, and attribution were measured on the platform.

Amongst the benefits a brand will always have from campaigns like this one, here are all of the impressive numbers that helped them reach their goals: 

13%+   Average Sign Up Conversion Rate Increase

23%+   Average Pricing Page Traffic Increase

102%+   Average Contact Sales Conversion Rate Increase

5.1 Million+   Total Impressions (and counting)

8,100+   Total Campaign-Generated Clicks


Learn More at wrapify.com/brands

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