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Here’s the Top 5 Reason’s Why 2020 Will be Even Better

2020 Outdoor Advertising Prop Report

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Top 5 Reason’s Why 2020
Will be Even Better

2020 Prop Report

Illumivation, LLC

by Mike Dunbar, CEO, Illumivation

Coming out of a very busy year for experiential OOH, these are the top reasons why I think 2020 will be even better.

  1. New Markets & 2. Expanding Locations

Media holders, purchasers, and production teams have been exploring new markets, new ways to incorporate experiential into existing OOH, and investing in building the physical hardware needed to allow extensions and enhanced creative in new locations. We’ve seen this with the expansion of creative build-outs in bus shelters and larger more complex builds where they have been before. This last year even saw domination buyouts of digital locations that included extensions, showing the two mediums can play well together!

visual merchandising is OOH and OOH can be visual merchandising.

Some major brands have taken the powerful step (as discussed in my previous OOHToday article) of incorporating physical retail experiences into their OOH portfolio. I still firmly believe that visual merchandising is OOH and OOH can be visual merchandising. You saw that this year with the launch of the Toys R’ Us Adventure pop-up experiences and numerous others like it (though likely less ambitious).

3. Better Creative

More agencies understanding the opportunities available has led to new concepts becoming more integrated with the media space they’re on, bigger, and wilder as they consistently expand the boundaries. They have also become more complex with the addition of audio, lighting, and motorization.

On the other side of that coin, small embellishments have also caught on; the same hardware that would support most of the big ones can support smaller things like 2-D extensions and 3D lettering to make static media stand out.

4. More Affordable

As paths have been blazed by first-to-market projects and industry knowledge has developed,  projects have become more affordable in many ways. New processes and materials have also helped, but the greatest savings comes from the economy-of-scale the increased interest has allowed.

5. It Works

Brands and agencies buy what works, and experiential OOH continues to prove itself as a valuable part of any balanced breakfast. The earned media a successful experiential activation can bring is unparalleled and the near limitless possibilities the medium allows has led to more effective creative. Paired with traditional channels, the sum is greater than the parts.

About the creative executions

The project for Absolut was done by BBH London and was made by artist Dan Tobin Smith from England. He collected trash from around LA (nothing is painted in this sculpture) and laid the pieces out in a warehouse in LA to create this mural. When the photo shoot was complete, the Illumivation team took the sculpture, piece by piece, and adhered it securely to make a billboard. Illumivation then purchased two shipping containers to support the piece and positioned in at LA Live across from the Staples Center. 

The REI piece is a great example of a more affordable transit installation done by Illumivation in partnership with Intersection Media in downtown Chicago. 




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