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Words of a War Time General/CMO —Leadership and Risk

Rick Robinson's Fundamental Shift of Mindset

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Words of a War Time CMO
—Leadership and Risk


OAAA’s Across The Desk feature this week is a Q & A with Rick Robinson, Partner/CSO with OOH planning and placement agency Billups. We also believe Rick would be a tremendous CMO for the open position at the aforementioned OAAA. 

Robinson opens and closes his comments with “2020 isn’t something to survive, it’s here to teach us how to thrive going forward.”  Robinson recognizes, Our OOH bubble has burst, and we must see this as a liberation. The future is no longer about us and the old rules simply no longer apply.” While we don’t agree with everything Robinson shared in his commentary, everything he said is relevant and is the type of thinking all of us must embrace.


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For those of you who listen to the OOH Today podcasts, Rick is sounding like, to use Jeff Joaquin’s phrase, ‘A War Time General’. That podcast link is here ⇒CMO: The next hire

You might even consider an email recommendation for Robinson to Anna Bager and Sean Reilly as the next OAAA CMO.

War Time General. War Time CMO. OOH Leadership and Risk. Oh, we said that already didn’t we?

We fully share Rick Robinson’s enthusiasm and appreciate his deep understanding of the Industry. We recommend the few minutes to read it here2020 isn’t something to survive, it’s here to teach us how to thrive going forward  


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