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Wilmore Funeral Home’s OOH Message —“Don’t get vaccinated”

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message from Circle Graphics


The mobile billboard truck said, ‘Don’t get vaccinated’

The advertiser, Wilmore Funeral Home


The real story, there is no Wilmore Funeral Home and the creators of the campaign actually do want you to get vaccinated for the coronavirus. So what gives?

Agency BooneOakley slow played their involvement and creation of this unorthodox campaign to promote the coronavirus vaccines. Without surprise, opinion has equally come down on both sides of this tactic including academics and health professionals questioning the strategy, suggesting “the campaign was too high-pressure to change an unvaccinated person’s mind. If anything, it risks reinforcing their stance.”

BooneOakley’s standard text book response; “Anything that we can do to get people vaccinated.” “If it gets one person to change their mind, it’s worth every penny.”

Do you agree if ‘Changing one person’s mind make this worth it?’ Was the strategy a sound one in changing peoples’ minds?

For more coverage on the story click to this Washington Post link ⇒ ‘Don’t get vaccinated’: Fake funeral home is used to promote coronavirus shots

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